I took the pill for over 12 years. Coming off of it, I found my fertility wouldn’t return. Crimson Confidence was born out of my journey to balance my hormones naturally.

I was first given the pill to “regulate my cycle”. I didn’t have acute pain or heavy flow, my period was just very irregular. Nobody bothered to test for ANY hormonal imbalances. After a quick ultrasound that did not reveal any major health issues, I was given the pill. I was told it was safe and I could be on it until I wanted to have a baby. Twelve years later, I was suffering from extreme side effects that nobody knew about. Not only that, but many did not believe my issues could be a side effect of the pill. Coming off the pill those symptoms vanished one by one. However, my periods were yet again, extremely irregular. 

disclaimer: this website does not contain medical advice

I am NOT a doctor and the information provided on this website is NOT intended as medical advice. It is information I have gathered on my journey to balance my hormones naturally, from books or podcasts of doctors and fertility experts. It is also MY JOURNEY and things that work or do not work for me. Occasionally, you will find stories of other women going through the same thing, with different stories, and the things they did and that worked for them. You will also find book and products recommendations.

Before starting any new medication or supplement regime it is advised that you seek medical opinion. My advice does not constitute medical advice.

The Side Effects that nobody talks about

When you want to start taking the pill, most of the time you will worry about gaining weight, enlarged breasts. You might even be worried about the risk of breast cancer in the case of long term use. These are real side effects and real risks. But they are only a small part of all the issues the pill can cause. Here’s a short list of possible side effects no one talks about:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • mood swings
  • panic attacks
  • low libido
  • difficulty achieving an orgasm
  • yeast infections
  • UTIs
  • digestive issues
  • mineral deficiencies
  • liver issues

The Pill is not a cure for your issues

Many young girls are put on the pill to fix their period problems.

Heavy flow? Pill.

Pain that makes it impossible to do anything? Pill.

Irregular periods? Pill.

Acne? Pill.

What is the problem you ask? The pill does NOT fix anything. It just stops ovulation, it stops your ovaries from doing their job altogether. The bleed you have on the pill is a withdraw bleed and is NOT a real period. The pill does not trick your body into thinking it is pregnant, it is not the same thing. You are just taking some synthetic hormones, that are actually quite different from the real ones. For some women this can work for some time. I know it did for me. But sooner or later, the side effects will come creeping in for most. 

And even if they don’t, you might find yourself in that category of women who go off the pill wanting to get pregnant only to realize that’s not happening. Maybe your period stops even though it was there before. Or maybe you find yourself facing the exact same issues you had when you initially went on the pill.

I have talked to so many women who found themselves dealing with cystic acne at 30+ years old, because that was the issue they were trying to “cure” by using the pill. If you had issues before the pill, you will most likely have them afterwards.

your period is a vital sign

If something’s not right, it means something’s not right with your hormones and with your health overall. Maybe you have PCOS, or a thyroid issue, or adrenal fatigue, or hypothalamic amenorrhea, or endometriosis or many more.

Period health means so much more than bleeding every 28 days. Cycles can be shorter, or longer, and you can still be healthy. I aim at helping women understand all this through this blog. I want to help you see the signs of a potential problem and guide you in the right direction to solving it. Sometimes, the solution might be as simple as getting some rest or quitting sugar. Other times, you might need to see a doctor.

I believe women’s health is not something to be dismissed. We are not prone to being hysterical or having mood swings. Our hormones do NOT exist to harm us. They exist to support us. And when we try to act as if they don’t exist, as if we are not cyclical beings, we end up messing the beautiful harmony that nature intended. Let’s stop this trend once and for all!

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