It is no secret that the main goal behind Crimson Confidence is to educate women about their bodies so that they can achieve hormonal health as naturally as possible. And it is also no secret that I am not a doctor and what I provide is not medical advice. It is a collection of things I have learned from books and from my own experience with hormonal birth control and hormonal imbalances such as PCOS. If you are serious about truly understanding your body, regardless of your intentions to conceive, of sexual activity or orientation, there are some books on hormonal health that you should read.

Lara Briden – The Period Repair Manual

I have cited Lara Briden, her book or her blog posts in many posts. It was the first book of this kind that I read. To this day, I believe it is the best book for women struggling with any type of hormonal imbalance. This book will help you understand your body and your symptoms, from puberty to menopause. It will also guide through all forms of birth control, telling you the pros and cons of each. Afterward, each hormonal imbalance is detailed, with symptoms and natural treatment options given. This is not the type of book to tell you to ditch all Western medicine! Lara Briden is very real and down to earth and you are told those situations when going to the doctor is the best thing you can do. You’re also told the instances when a natural approach might simply not work.

Lisa Hendrickson-Jack – The Fifth Vital Sign

The Fifth Vital sign is a must on the list of best books on hormonal health. Lisa has done extensive research for this book, which can be seen in the huge number of references cited throughout it. As her biography states, she’s a certified Fertility Awareness Educator and Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner who teaches women to chart their menstrual cycles for natural birth control, conception and monitoring overall health. This is the perfect book if you are looking to understand what a normal cycle looks like, learn more about FAM. It will also help you get a fresh perspective on how to manage critical aspects of your health, like sleep, foods and exercise and how they all play a role in your menstrual health.

Toni Weschler – Taking Charge of Your Fertility

The number one book for women who want to learn the fertility awareness method on their own. The first version was published over two decades ago. With each new version, Toni Weschler just keeps improving, making corrections and adding more content. The latest version includes information on PCOS, natural ways to balance hormones, miscarriages and much more. I did not read this version, so I cannot speak about what is in those pages. But having read an earlier version, I’m sure the information is very clear and comprehensive. It is a great book that will teach about your body, its natural cycles, fertility, and so much more. It is not a light reading at 560 pages, but it is absolutely worth your time!

Alisa Vitti – WomanCode: Perfect Your Cycle, Amplify Your Fertility, Supercharge Your Sex Drive, and Become a Power Source

I found Alisa years ago through her YouTube videos at a time when I was not considering coming off the pill yet. However, hearing her talk about balancing hormones naturally and getting back your period after months of amenorrhea definitely gave me hope. Alisa suffered from PCOS herself and reversed it through a balanced lifestyle, natural supplements and a holistic approach to health. I know there are some mixed reviews out there regarding this book. Some complain there are no immediate actions, like sample menus and recipes. Some also complain that at the end of the book, the author advertises her website and her additional courses.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t been bothered by these things. I find the book to be a complete source just as it is. Alisa gives you an overview of things you should remove from your diet in order to reduce inflammation. She discusses the relationship between other systems in your body and how you have to target more than just that one symptom to achieve overall health. I actually like there are no fixed menus given. There are enough books with recipes and crash diets out there, that put you on fix restrictive menus. I really don’t think we need more of those. We need more books giving us a holistic approach to health, teaching us to be smart about our choices.

Jolene Brighten – Beyond the Pill

The full title of the book – “Beyond the Pill: A 30-Day Program to Balance Your Hormones, Reclaim Your Body, and Reverse the Dangerous Side Effects of the Birth Control Pill” gives a pretty good outline of what this book is about. I feel like a list of books on hormonal health wouldn’t be complete without it. Unlike the other books I’ve mentioned, this one is heavily focused on women who are or were on the pill. It has some great chapters about various hormonal imbalances, the type that doctors will usually try to “cure” by giving women the pill. But it also focuses on imbalances that can come up in the body after you quit the pill, even if you didn’t have one before going on it! There is also a great test to help you understand your symptoms and the exact hormonal issues they might be pointing to.

That being said, the central focus of the book is the 30 days protocol. So if you are the type that wants a fixed action plan, someone telling you exactly when and what to eat, this book is for you. The menu can be adapted, but I should tell you it is not vegan and I’ve seen women complain it can be quite hard to make vegan. Not impossible though, so don’t be discouraged! Dr. Brighten also points you to her line of supplements.

I won’t lie, it can come off as a bit salesy in parts. I felt there is much more marketing in this book than in Alisa’s. However, from what I have seen on dr. Brighten’s Facebook group, many women who have tried the protocol have had amazing results. Also, the book tells you all the ingredients in the supplements and their ratios, so that you can search for alternatives if you don’t want to buy those. This, for me, is a great plus and shows the book is not all about marketing, but about truly helping women.

What books on hormonal health have you read?

Did you read any of these books? What did you think about them? Did you read other books on this topic? Let us know which in the comments below, let’s create a nice book club!

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