free courses

free courses

It’s time you stopped sabotaging your self and started winning in the fight against PCOS. These mini-courses are designed to help you do just that, in short lessons of 10-15 minutes each. Watch whenever you want or binge-watch as soon as you enroll, the choice is yours.

fam freebie

fam e-book

Are you tired of ovulation prediction apps that always get it wrong? Have you had enough of wondering when your period is gonna show up? Would you like to know if your progesterone is within normal limits without blood work? Then this is the place to start!

understanding pcos resource

understanding pcos e-book

A PCOS diagnosis can be confusing, scary. Sadly, few doctors take the time to explain what it is, what your options are, and what it means for your overall health. This e-book aims to aims to make sense of this diagnosis and help you get started on the path to naturally managing your symptoms.

pcos resources - warriors club

the pcos warriors' club

This is the perfect place if you are serious about taking charge of your health.  Exclusive content, meal and workout ideas tailored to your needs, monthly group coaching calls and even 1-1 coaching. You decide the right options for you. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel any time. 

pcos resources - 1-1 coaching

1-1 coaching

You want results and you’re ready to do the work that’s needed. I’m here to guide you through this journey. You can be successful, you can manage your PCOS naturally, feel confident and sexy. So say goodbye to fad diets, workouts that make you want to die, and relaxation techniques that stress you more than your job and let’s find the lifestyle changes YOU need to succeed.

pcos resources - bootcamp

the 90-day pcos bootcamp

My first online course, this is the go-to resource for anyone who wants to manage their PCOS naturally without help. This course gives you all the tools to change your lifestyle in a positive, healthy manner. At the moment, enrollment is closed, as the first round is coming to an end, but you can sign up to be notified when the new (and improved) round begins.

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