PCOS is hard. It is confusing. I mean, it has over 20 symptoms and about 4 or 5 different types, depending on what perspective you look at it. The same condition can look completely different in people. The truth is, I’m not sure there are 2 people for whom this condition looks 100% identical.


And the even bigger problem: there’s no real cure. There are pills that can mask your symptoms for a while. But they come with many side effects in the long run.


People around you, they don’t understand. And you are left feeling lonely, scared and unsure where to turn next.


I see you. You are strong, you work hard to get what you want. PCOS just doesn’t fit in your life. And yet, it’s here, with one or more of its annoying symptoms: irregular periods, hirsutism, weight gain, fatigue, anxiety.


In the end, there’s one truth: you’re feeling less sexy, less powerful, less healthy. No matter how hard you work, you see no results. No one gets it and no one can help.


That’s why I wrote “Understanding PCOS”, an ebook meant to help you make sense of your condition and start changing your lifestyle for the better.


I’ll tell you a little secret: you can be healthy, energized, happy, fertile. PCOS should not control your body! You’re the only one who should be in control of that!


This ebook is for you if:

  • you want to figure out what your PCOS type is and understand why it matters;
  • you want to learn how to read your body’s signs and know when and if you ovulate;
  • you are ready to start making changes in your diet and lifestyle in order to balance your hormones and reduce your symptoms;
  • you want to start an exercise routine that will work FOR your hormones, rather than against them;
  • you want to learn how to manage stress, reduce mood swings, anxiety, and depression;
  • you wanna learn about various types of natural supplements;



  • A chapter dedicated to friends and family of women with PCOS. If you’ve ever dealt with unsupportive people in your life, give them this chapter!
  • Some of my favorite hormone-friendly recipes.
  • A discount code for a 1-1 coaching session where we will dive into your particular case, symptoms, and customize your diet and workout routine.


Get your copy now!

From now until February 15th, 2020, you can get the e-book and the free bonuses at a special price. Once the price goes up, it will stay up, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Still not convinced?

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